Who we are

The commitment to the professional cosmetics sector has its roots in Xenoderm

Xenoderm is our company founded in 1999, operating for the production and distribution of certified and indispensable cosmetic-medical solutions for aesthetic and regenerative medicine.

Ocean Activity

a journey to discover a sensory and natural place

Our new cosmetic line aimed at sustainability as a gentle and caressing approach towards the environment used in a responsible way.

This overwhelming and sensory journey of beauty begins from the experience, which has quality as a must, foreseeing different stages as illustrations of possible solutions for the skin wellness.

In our idea of cosmetics the link between man and nature shines as a reciprocal integration. OA is a project composed of natural and marine active ingredients that come together to create a range of solutions that man uses to remember this indissoluble and original agreement.


Ocean Activity is the mature fruit of a company – Xenoderm – which has expanded its skills in dermocosmetics and consolidated its reputation as expert in beauty by offering treatments enriched with active ingredients of natural origin for the face and body.

Our team of professionals forges its experience in Xenoderm laboratories. Continuous research, cohesion and eco-sustainable drive have paved us the way for progress. The result is the sum of the combined efforts of each of us, from the idea to the marketing of our new cosmetic line

Eco-sustainable approach

The qualified équipe of cosmetologists studies the formulations in a continuous and meticulous selection work of organic, vegetable, natural and bio-compatible raw materials.

Best producers make available to Ocean Activity indispensable components for our preparations, guaranteeing all the beneficial virtues of safe and tolerable formulas.

Any animal testing has been banned for OA products.

Green Beauty e Marine Biotech

Ocean Activity proposes a change of perspective that concerns the environmental impact, both in the choice of our packages and by improving the biological profile of the creams: using glass containers and FSC certified papers, therefore recycled and recovery materials.

Ocean Activity makes sustainable beauty with reduced ecological impact available to a vast number of consumers.

Ours is a green chemistry based on the design of products and processes to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances and materials. Our formulations are rich in marine ingredients obtained from the coasts, the seabed and the oceans: the new elixirs of youth introduced in the latest generation cosmetics.

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