In all things of nature there is something wonderful

Our cosmetics has long been committed with the careful selection of raw materials in compliance with the principles of environmental and social sustainability.


The study of green chemistry has also allowed us to create increasingly effective and resolutive formulas with a reduced impact on the environment. Unique properties that provide a natural and sustainable source of skin care benefits.


With our Ocean Activity – Cosmetic Line we propose a change of perspective towards a more minimalist lifestyle, less driven by accumulation and consumption and more by multifunctionality.


Achieve more by doing less for a skin care trend based on the use of fewer multifunctional but more laborious products, in order to reduce the daily beauty routine and waste while maintaining its effectiveness.


This minimalism represents a positive impact on the environment since those who choose to simplify their daily routine also contribute to do sustainable beauty, minimizing the quantity of products and therefore the number of packages used.


One way to make beauty sustainable is to make chemistry green. Green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes aimed at reducing or eliminating the use and generation of hazardous substances in order to have cleaner and safer formulations. It applies to the entire life cycle of a product, including use and final disposal. Ocean Activity is demand of non-aggressive sustainability, a gentle approach towards the environment that should be used in a conscious way, without waste.

OA is the caress we all need.

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