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Each of us is unique

To truly value ourselves we need something that allows us to exalt our being.


The beauty is to mingle, get rich and discover new ways. In a contamination between worlds and places that provide the most incredible sensory and emotional experiences, Ocean Activity cosmetic becomes a product to dialogue with an increasingly evolving, cultured and prepared, attentive and curious public, up to overcome the gender barrier and become emblem of universal beauty.

Forget it, it's girl stuff

Ocean Activity has presented a selection of products designed to underline how beauty and skin care should not be ascribable to gender canons at all costs.

OA is a fluid cosmetic, the differences between man and woman get thinner and thinner.

The philosophy of OA, expressed in dermocosmetics, is the conciliation and harmony of the elements that blend together in this message of inclusiveness.

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  • Smooth effect of the skin surface
  • Total reduction of visible thin lines for a tensor effect
  • Increase in volume on the cheek area (lifting effect)
  • Facial muscles less rigid and more relaxed for a youthful status with less expression wrinkles
  • Collagen enhancement: has the ability to improve the synthesis of new collagen by 53.7%


  • Tensor effect that contrasts skin relaxation and restores firmness and tone to the skin
  • Energizing, restructuring effect and texture in soft cream for smooth and nourished skin
  • Anti-cellulite: improves the appearance of the skin by reducing water retention and orange peel
  • Complete lifting action: firms and improves the tone of the tissues, giving elasticity and firmness


  • Long-term hydration
  • Effective on plantar hyperkeratosis (corns and/or calluses)
  • Soft, light and pleasant sensation of the epidermis
  • Provides efficient humidification and protection from environmental drying

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