The sea soothes any pain, but also any sagging of our skin

The sea soothes any pain, but also any sagging of our skin

With the term marine biotechnology is meant the application of scientific and technological research based on the use of materials and processes deriving from marine organisms for cosmetic production.

Our innovative project has discovered different and new sources to draw on by implementing a new method of sustainable cosmetic production.

The benefits are immense.

Marine organisms produce high value added biomolecules which are used as ingredients in our formulations.

Extraction systems have been developed that allow the large-scale isolation and enrichment of biomolecules with minimal or no use of substances that can damage the environment.

Unique properties that provide a natural and sustainable source of benefits for the care of our skin.


Bermuda, small and beautiful subtropical island with about 120 km of coastline made up of beaches and incredibly clear waters, abounds in coral reefs and underwater caves.

Our Toning&Slimming Cream was born here, where the light blue sponge Dysidea Etheria lives from which Bacillus sp. has been isolated and integrated into the accurate formulation.

Recalling its effectiveness in simulating the effects of exercise, it determines a toning and redefinition of the body, in addition, even the double chin and the face contour appear more sculpted.

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